Friday, December 9, 2011

rug-ged looks!

No matter how beautiful your floor maybe, the right rug or carpet can add tremendously to its charms. The history of the not-so humble carpet closely charts that of mankind and exquisite rugs have been gracing the floor beneath the feet of royalty for the longest time. In fact, it is believed that the first ancestors of the carpet were seen as far back as the Neolithic Age when the first traces of man’s attempt to cover the floor in a woven covering were found.

Since then carpets have covered a long journey from being considered appropriate gifts to give to royalty to flying in a Disney movie. After all, who hasn’t heard of the coveted Persian carpets or the exquisite Chinese ones. It was, in fact, Asia that introduced carpets to Europe once the trade routes opened. Unfortunately, not all of us have fortunes at our disposal to shower on a carpet or some of us just don’t get what the big deal is! However, don’t dismiss the rug out of ignorance. Take a look at what the hullaballoo is all about before you decide whether or not it’s worth your while.

Carpets, those that stretch from wall to wall, or smaller rugs are of various types. Apart from the uber expensive Persian ones, Chinese carpets are a good option too. Kashmiri carpets, especially those in silk, are also considered to be amongst the best in the world. Most of these carpets have intricately woven designs that have been traced by trained craftsmen. A lot of the carpets woven in Asia are done by hand. It is said that the work of every weaver like their fingerprints is unique and no two carpets will ever be quite the same. The hand weaving is the reason these carpets are usually so expensive. In fact, you can use the fine silk ones to adorn your wall too like the Europeans did back in the 18th century!

But if you’re not quite into that you can opt for machine-woven ones that may not be as fine but are beautiful in their colour and design and will definitely add that touch of class to your home. There’s also always the option to get a rug in one solid colour that’ll add that bright splash to your room. All you need to do is identify what you need and want and fit that in your budget before you set out to explore the market!


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