Monday, March 21, 2011

Garfield Mondays.

Mondays – it’s not only Garfield that hates Mondays, a vast majority of us do. Monday morning blues hit us so hard, half of us are left staggering. After the weekend, most of which is spent in utter enjoyment, the idea of getting back to a structured work environment in a job/course we may or may not enjoy is simply too much to take in! For two days, one day for some of us, we forget about deadlines and other things like that.

Spending time with friends and family, self grooming procedures, catching up on movies – that’s how the weekend is spent by most of us. Mondays seem dull and drab after exciting weekends. But the question arises, would weekends seem as exciting if there was no prospect of a dull Monday?



Mondays sure do make the weekends exciting! Garfield and his incomparable ability to make Monday look like the end of the world! :-)

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