Wednesday, February 9, 2011

This is what dreams are made of.

I can never make up my mind about dreams. Are they overrated or underrated? Sometimes I just can’t seem to decide. There are some people who dream about what they want their entire lives, and dedicate all their time and efforts into achieving them. All their decisions are made with an end result in mind.

And that I guess is good. To live with and for a purpose, to have a personal goal, etc. but as Rapunzel says in the recent movie “Tangled” what happens after the dream is fulfilled? What if it isn’t everything that you have hoped for? Everything that you have worked for, everything that you have spent all your life imagining, it is all over in a blink of the eye. And it leaves you disappointed. What was the point of all that time on it?

But what if it is everything that you’ve ever wished for, then what do you do? You’ve spent your entire life obsessing about this one thing, and now it’s over and done with. And it was beautiful and magical, all that and more. Whether it be the career you always pictured for yourself, or the climb to the top of Mount Everest – whatever the dream be, once it’s accomplished, and it’s beautiful, you can forever know the joy that it brings along with it. and move on to a different dream, maybe bigger and better.

So I repeat my initial question – dreams: underrated or overrated?


David Selvam said...

Dreams are just that.Dreams.Overrating and underrating is one's personal opinion about them.Its about making the choice of taking that step towards achieving the said dream..the journey and adventures towards achieving that dream are what really matter.Then the career you always pictured for yourself or mt.everest you dream of makes the end worth it all.

I'd also like to add that no one usually has just that One Dream and even if they did..they usually dream on about other dreams before that one is achieved.

Just an opinion.Dream on.

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