Saturday, February 12, 2011

Sunday is a fun day!

For most people, whether they work 5-day weeks or 6-days, Sunday is the most looked forward to day of all. For people that don’t have the pleasure of having two days off, Sunday is the one day that they like to squeeze everything in. a movie that needs to be watched, the long overdue haircut, the friends to catch up with over lunch, the long drive to the outskirts of town – everything ends up being scheduled for that one day.

Which is probably why Sunday ends up being a more tiring and hectic day than all the working days combined. There’s too much to do and just one day to squeeze everything into. As relaxing as we expect and want Sunday to be, sometimes that is the last feeling or emotion we feel at the end of the day. But even the tiredness felt, is a nice feeling. Because at the end of the day, however hectic it may have been, the purpose of unwinding has been served!


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