Saturday, July 17, 2010

Rain, and the things we like doing

Someone asked me recently, “What are the top four things you would do in the rain?”
I thought about it for a long while, before coming up with a reply. It’s a tough question, when you think about it. There are so many things that you think of, and short-listing them to just four becomes tough. There’s drinking chai and eating bhajiyas (an Indian delicacy, popularized as “rain food” which almost every Indian craves for at the first signs of the monsoons), there’s long drives and long walks. There’s dancing and playing in the rain, there’s reading by the window. There’s a kind of music we relate to the rains, and it must be played and listened to when it does. There are so many, that I never ended up with a final top four answer. And when we compared our choices, we realized how similar they are. But today I ask you, the readers of this post, what YOUR top four things to do in the rain are. Leave them as comments on this post, and find out how similar and varied our choices can be.


snober said...

Snober said
Definitely chai n bhajiyas....picnic....lyin in a stupor n just starin outta the window...n of course romance:)

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