Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Cause you had a bad day

Imagine one of “those days” in your life. The days when everything that you plan goes haywire, and everything that you dread will happen, happens. Gah. Not so pleasant even thinking about it, is it? But then, think about all the good things that happen to you those days. I know, it just doesn’t seem possible that something good even happens. But it does, I’m sure of it. The bad just always seems to overshadow the good. It could be anything, and it varies with person to person. It doesn’t even have to be something specific, it could be something general. It could be you and your roommate sitting in comfortable silence at the end of the day and sipping on tea. It could be your mother cooking you your favourite meal, knowing only as mothers do, that you’re having a bad day. It could be seeing a bunch of kids in the car ahead of you, waving at vehicles and you waving back. It could be you walking into an empty house, to wonderful silence and spending much needed time with yourself, doing something you love. As much as it seems like it, EVERY thing doesn’t go wrong, even on our worst days. There’s always at least ONE thing that makes those days worthwhile. We just need to look beyond the bad and make sure we’re aware of the things that make them worthwhile.


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