Thursday, June 17, 2010

The lost Friend

My dreams are close to my heart, for which I shall forever be indebted to my dreams. The long road that I walked had nobody, just me and my friend. Together we
Explored the life, that otherwise would has consisted of me. My friend guided me through the difficult paths, showed me light where there was only dark. I found solace in my thoughts that one day somebody would care would bother to ask me, question me, fight with me, fight for me. With time grew the distance, between me and my friend, I sought companionship with people, something that I would repent. Because nobody understood me better that my friend, he understood my pain and helped me deal with it. As years flew by, the dissatisfaction increased by leaps and bounds, till I knew not what I wanted. The dawn came by, but I stayed in my room. True friends never leave your side, my friend was true. The moment I called for him, he came. Together we spent the entire day together, me, and my friend, loneliness.

The little drops of rain.

Every drop of rain that falls has a purpose, well have you ever thought of small things in life that though small can have a large effect on you. There are things in life that we tend to ignore, but it is these things that form a mighty reason for our living. So acknowledging these things will give us an insight into the larger picture, to the world that we so wish to conquer, the world we live in. Building of our life is like building of our home, where what we place in each and every corner affects the aesthetics of the home. The small vase in the corner, the key holder on the wall matter to the d├ęcor of the home. Imagine the house with the soothing colour combination, of blue and white and a jutting red vase in the corner can spoil the whole feel. Thus while building one’s world it is necessary that everything should be placed appropriately and care for or it might just loose its shine.

Celebrating the past

Knowing that the days that you have treasured are coming to an end what would you do, cry? Feel bad?...well! so this time if you are leaving the place you called your home, how about you relive the past? With the smile on your face and a tear in your eye, you can give a warm farewell party! So…go on and throw a party that will help you celebrate the past. Whether you are organizing the gathering for yourself or someone else, I suggest keeping food simple, so more quality time is spent with the people that will be missed. These bitter sweet memories will be well preserved in simple settings. So if the weather is right a bonfire would provide the perfect atmosphere for your farewell party. Not the perfect time for an outdoor party then close friends in the living area will be ideal ground for making treasured memories. So shifting out to a new place, now you know how to bid farewell.

Friday, June 11, 2010


Drawn together in beauty, a string of pearls become the source of admiration. Bound by the need to bring some meaning these pearls cling to each other. So alike these pearls are, they bring an untouched beauty. The moment you lay your eyes on them, you will the wonder. The beauty of the pearls lies in being together?

I found a pearl in the oyster shell, the beauty captivated me. The lone pearl caught my heart. No not stringed together but individually the pearl can touch your could, convey a thought, make you feel special.


Rich chocolate tantalizing the taste buds, swirling through my senses. Making me aware of the secret temptations that I had hidden, the forbidden pleasures of life. Have you experienced the rich chocolate hypnotizing you. Well for those who live to loose themselves in the richness of Chocolate, Cad B is the place to be.

I have to loose 10 kilos, Can we go for CadB after college?...statements so contradictory yet so predictable. After all who can forgo the love of chocolate , can you? I have often tried to unveil the secret behind this temptress, but have always been lead down the empty path. The warm arms of chocolate invite me, to forget all my worries, the happiness to be shared, love to be realized and heart burns to be erased. The world that is a place of refugee yet a place of destruction. The dark tempting chocolate will live to be a mysterious delight for years to come.


For a person like, who lives in my own dreams. My wonderland is all that I create, a house made of chocolate, decorated with gems, the windows of candy. So no house has ever had the privilege of capturing my attention. Hence settling down ,for me, was only when I put my head on the pillow and was transported to another land where I could customize my house. And the bomb shell fell…my girlfriend refused to marry me until I bought a house. I may want a dream house but craved for a real family so I had to find a solution to problem at hand. Mostly people in love shed every petal of the flower to know if they were to find their love will be fulfilled or not, well! I shed every petal of the flower, every second of the day, every thought in mind…as to if I shall find my dream house or not. Call this a strange obsession or me a weird person, but so it be. I was almost on the verge of declaring myself a bachelor for life when I invested in my dream house at TAIN.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

The shooting star

Amazed by something, that dies to fulfill your wish. I am too, the emotion of selflessness. The shooting star stands for that, in my eyes. Dropping down from the sky to the earth it gives you something that you want. Is the emotion of selflessness otherwise non-existent? Are all bonds in our life born out of an ulterior motive?

I was walking through the road, one day that, I saw a large number of bees lying dead….my eye wandered up to notice the bee hive. It made me think about the reason for this mass destruction. How did so many of them die at one go…? My heart ached for the lives that were taken away. A leaf falling down, spoke to me, illusion, you may say but for me those words were profound and told me a lot about selflessness…those bees that died sacrificed their lives to protect the hive, the wind was too strong, the solution was only one. They gave up their existence for something that was bigger than life, love, relations and bonds…they gave their life for the reason , the meaning of life…meaning that you achieve when you live or die for others.


In the corner of her room sat the rocking chair, on which I remember my grandmother sitting a telling us folktales, stories would effectively transport us to a land of dreams, the next stop being undisturbed sleep.

The chair, when I was small, signified just a place where my grandmother would sit. Today it holds a deeper meaning for me…when I look at the chair not it is as if the motion of the chair, to and fro, is, what is, life. The transportation from one world to another and back, from expectations to achievement to back, from happiness to sorrow to back, from demand and possession to back, from night and day to back ,from end to beginning to end….our life just swings us through the same thing…to and fro. But still when I sit on that chair with all these thoughts clouding my mind, I fall into a dreamless sleep…this to and fro motion is where we find it all.

All shades of the rainbow

A place where you can find all the emotions that you may relate with the seven colours of the rainbow, happiness, sadness, hope, despair, contentment, disgruntlement….is your home. A world that reflects all the emotions that you have lived through. A won trophy, a lost battle, a bitter fight, a wonderful evening everything has been lived and relived in a home. The rainbow that is a source of wonder and joy, reflects all that we live. A home gives the warmth and prosperity that a rainbow signifies. The seven colours that merge together bring to you fulfillment and serenity.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Man has always wanted what he has not got, or what he could not get. Thus was born the term aspirations. So you do not have a big car, a big house…want one well! That’s aspiration. So think about it what is good in wanting something that you do not have or can not have…you never are satisfied , are you? But born out of aspiration is ambition an emotion that can take you places. The want to be somewhere is what takes you to heights….well! did take me to heights, I live in a penthouse on the thirty sixth floor where I am on the top and can look down at the world….but all I need to be careful is that the glass is at the brink and the equilibrium must be maintained, a little over ambition can throw me down…back to the ground from where I had risen.

The Full Stop

Significant of an end; the full stop. In life you come across many twists and turns that when narrated out forms a strange pattern that defines you, that determines your life but at the end of each chapter you find the full stop. The dreaded end, the change is brought about by the small dot that even your eyes may miss, but the significance can not be lost out. I am a line, an I am meaningless without, you, my full stop. I will merge into another without you and form this hazy blur that will confuse. I am what I am because you stand there to support me. So think of life without a full stop anywhere would it have the meaning, that we find now?. The full stop, the end is what that leads to a beginning. Significant of a beginning; the full stop.

The Cuckoos Nest

I sat in one, I flew to another, I had some memories, I shared my life…but nothing gave me the feeling of home sweet home. I am a cuckoo….and was cuckoo to be so. I never even bother to give a second thought to buying a place that I could call my own…ask me why and my honest reply would be that it never crossed my mind, or even if it did I never paid any heed. The obvious question would be “Then why now?’ .This summer I went to best friends country home. The home that he grew up in…the home that held memories so dear to his hearts…the windows that gave him the glimpse of the world, the walls that gave him security, the ceilings that reflected his thoughts, the kitchen that spoken of unsaid words, the garden that gave him solace…the home that made him the man he is today. The feeling was jealously, I had no such place, I could run back to a place that I could find myself. I decided that when I invest in a home, it would be all that is me.