Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lofty Ideas

Lofts are used for multiple purposes. It can either be located in the basement or attic of a building. Lofts can be utilized for commercial or residential use.
Lofts aren’t very popular in India as they are abroad. They are basically spaces that used be utilized for industrial purposes and are later either transformed into an office or an apartment.
If designed and decorated well, a loft can provide a very cozy living arrangement.

Commercial Lofts
Commercial lofts are mostly used for storage and for office spaces. They usually have high ceilings and tall windows. Commercial lofts must have an excellent location for a better sale. It should be centrally located and easy accessible. An inconspicuous loft would leave the seekers wasting a lot of their time searching it. The parking must be convenient considering it being located centrally, thus being in the midst of a lot of traffic.

Live in Lofts
Live in lofts are very popular among those that look to cut costs on transportation and area. Live in lofts have been a major re-designing strategy for downtown areas. The advantages that a live loft possesses are that one can remodel the wide spaces according to one’s preferences. It can either be used for work space or for defining one’s furniture.

Lofts can be converted and their space alignments can be altered.

Dormer lofts
This does not provide the luxury of converting the area, but it does leave enough space for the basics. A bathroom and a bedroom etc. A perfect match for a student living alone.

Roof Light
A roof light is one of those “just right” spaces. It lets one carry out conversions, however, does not leave you with much imagination. A small bedroom/office/storage room is all you are left with.

Converting a loft requires some experience. Therefore, getting a conversion specialist would be a good idea. But, if you have confidence in your “lofty” skills, you would end up saving a lot of money as a bad conversion specialist, might just end up messing up the entire space. Getting advice from your realtor would be the best move.

A detailed report on the reasons for loft conversion and the layout has to be given to the concerned authorities in order to get legal permission.

Even though this endeavor can make your pockets lose its jingle, a great loft conversion will elevate the value of your space and make a downtown loft look a little more upscale in its appearance.


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