Saturday, November 28, 2009

Open House

Open Houses, in the Real Estate Industry are something certain real estate agents swear by whereas the others just want to neglect the term “open” and relate it to a house as they feel it’s too direct to announce.
An open house would naturally get people to have an idea of what the house is like before they purchase it. Not letting potential buyers view the place is like throwing away a good deal!
In fact, on an average quite a high amount of sales occur due to open house sales.
There are various things that need to be taken into account whilst hosting an open house. The art of open house sales. If, I may call it that.

The house that is to be sold must obviously be very reasonable in its pricing. It must be spotless and must give the buyer an immediate boost of relief-thus, not questioning their choice once they enter. The first impression that the house creates will propel the decision of the buyer. Either in the seller’s favour, or on the contrary, might fail to impress the buyer further.

Advertising online would be a smart move. It’s comparatively cheaper than printing out ads in newspapers and magazines. In fact, the web world is a much faster source of imparting information.
The directions and signs to get to the open house must be very clear and easy to find. The directions could start from a relatively busy junction where people are BOUND to look at it while waiting at a traffic signal. The sign must stand out visually among an inevitable crowd of a thousand other signs. To ensure that the buyers reach the destination without any trouble, keeping the sign at every major landmark would be wise.

The feel of the interior should not be dampened by the curtains drawn and the windows shut. The light airy feel will definitely be a hit with the buyers as nobody wants a dungeon for a home.

Since many might not like/be allergic to the smell of air fresheners, a more organic alternative to it would be potpourri placed sufficiently around the house. Thus, keeping the scent light and mellow. Popping in your best soothing jazz CD at just the right volume wouldn’t be a bad idea either. Organizing a spread of munchies and finger food is also a great idea.

Collages of the house complete with its financial details and pictures from various angles and during different seasons would also help the buyer to envision what the house might look all year round. Included with this, the seller must present the various documents which might be necessary after the purchase of the house-warranties, appraisals and inspection reports etc.

Being very presentable in one’s manner and asking the buyer for THEIR opinion matters a lot. Often, realtors only want to rant about what THEY thing about the house and how THEY think it’s a great deal. Getting feedback not only will help the agent gain exposure for further deals but also might just end up getting the present one for being courteous and approachable!


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