Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Gardening and Landscaping

A well kept garden and front yard says a lot about a person. Gardening has been a constant favourite to pass one’s time. People usually associate gardening either with their grandparents, or a very prim home maker who likes to keep her lawns immaculate and hedges, manicured. That notion, however, has been proved otherwise in recent times. Gardening is something that almost everybody indulges their selves in. People have these jest filled competitions in their neighbourhood as having a beautiful garden ends up being more of a social prestige rather than personal pleasure.

A garden does not comprise of beautiful flowers and vegetables. How one landscapes it, the ornaments that are used, the use of the space all come into the mix.
There come certain handy tools that function much more than their original use.
The Rake
It not only helps cleaning the mess that the leaves created this fall but also helps to spread the seeds and it defragments clumps in the ground.

The Shovel
A quality shovel helps one get the right depth for planting trees and bushes as shallow holes do not ensure the right growth.

The Garden Hoe
The hoe is your best friend if you want those weeds to be removed completely.

The Watering Can
This piece of equipment is most definitely under-rated. The water hose has become the most common method of watering the plants. However, the watering can does not overload the plants with more than they require. It controls the water pressure and gives the plants just how much it needs.

This is mostly used for decorative purposes but also helps retention of water in the soil. This helps the plant in all kinds of climates.

Moving on to landscaping, everything being in unison is the key ingredient to a visually attractive garden. Keeping everything in sync and theme with one another helps to derive the symmetry.
Having the similar kinds of plants help one achieve this. Arranging them alternately in height is also a good idea. Flowers too, give an exotic and pretty touch to a garden but at the same time, growing flowers with various climatic requirements are not simple. Certain flowers bloom only in certain seasons and thus, replacing them with other garden elements is necessary. Stones and rocks are eternal favourites. Stones of different shapes, colours and sizes can be placed. Stepping stones- if one decides to place a pond in the garden is a wonderful idea! Statues made out of granite or marble next to a bench, also add a classy touch.

Luring beautiful butterflies and humming birds to your garden would require one to make your garden a nectar paradise by planting the flowers that attract them.
A hammock tied between two trees, is something I have always wanted to have. It turns your garden into a delightful place to just kickback with a book and a lemonade transforming your hectic lifestyle into a Zen’s meditation retreat.

A little lit up pathway beneath a trellis arch leading to the garden during the evening will be fantastic! So, your private escape from the hustle bustle by day could turn into a twinkling, starry (maybe romantic) escape at night.

Creating your own Eden isn’t a Herculean task. The basic elements distributed and placed wisely can go a long way. But, certain aspects of the landscaping and decoration may require certain supplies.
Happy Gardening!


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